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Grace in the Wilderness

Thus says the Lord, “The people who survived the sword found grace in the wilderness. Israel, when I went to give him rest.” Jeremiah 31:2

Yesterday I was talking with a friend of mine, he was telling me about the revelation that God had given him about the above verse and he had begun studying it more and was going to teach this text to his congregation for Sunday.  When I looked at it I had a WOW moment, yes I do that a lot when something is so good to me (spiritually) it just WOWs me how God shows himself in such simply ways. So I decided to write to you about what I saw and give you a little encouragement for this week.

For weeks now we have seen, heard what has been going on in our world. You cannot escape the bad news from wars in Russia, Ukraine, Israel and now Iraq again. The border situation where young kids are trying to escape drug and gang infested communities to find safety in the United States and to the recent shooting of the young man in Missouri. Not to mention your own private wilderness that you are experiencing personally, that is so intimate that the world does not know but yet it affects you even the more. We all have our wilderness to go through and it may seem overwhelming and that it will not end but I just want to encourage you that as God was with Israel in their wilderness He is with you and you also will find grace in the wilderness.

As my friend Elder Echols shared with me, in the wilderness we see God do miraculous things. Look at what God did the children of Israel in the wilderness but God took care of them, He gave them water from a rock, fed them manna, the very clothes they had on did not wear out. God sustained them in their dry place. He showed them favor (GRACE) in the wilderness. Look even though they murmured and complained and they even wanted to go back to Egypt God still provided for them and kept them safe.   Look at this even though they went through the wilderness God’s promise did not change. It took them longer to get there but they got there.

So I want to encourage you that yes you may be going through a wilderness season, you may feel that it won’t end and there is no hope that God will GRACE you in this season. His promise to you has not changed you are going to make it. Keep the faith and know that God will never allow you to go to a place that your faith can not sustain you. The same way that God kept Israel he will keep you. I know that things look grim in this world but just know none of this has taken God by surprised, He is still in control. People of God continue to pray and keep the faith no matter what you are going through God will and is GRACING you at this very moment to make it.

Remember you are not alone God is with you in this season.


Grace to make it,