Monthly Archives: July 2015


constant image

A few weeks ago I was pondering over the fact that God has been the one consistent factor in my life. People have come and go, circumstances have changed. I have changed in more ways than one but God has never changed. I can count on Him when I cannot depend on anyone else, society, the law and even myself. I know that He is the one constant in my life. Jesus has never changed. People may disappoint me but Jesus never will. He won’t forsake me. He won’t leave me, He won’t change on me because He is constant. Sometimes I am the hindrance in my walk to destiny. I get in my own way, I cause my own problems; sometimes I am my own worse enemy. But God you are constant. God is always there with His arms opened wide, saying daughter I love you. He constantly reminds me that He is with me. In times when I do not understand I know He knows what is best for me.

So Lord I thank you for being constant in my life. I trust your sovereign hand because you are constant.

Gratefully yours,