Life Happens


What do you do when life happens, when the unexpected pain and disappointment comes knocking at your door? The pain has invaded your space like an unwelcomed guest. What do you do when you try to get rid of the pain of disappointment but the ache lingers? How does one cope when life deals you a bad hand? Do you play the hand that you are dealt or throw in the towel? These are the questions that people face everyday so what do you do when life happens to you?

Last year my dad was diagnosed with cancer again. The cancer that we thought was in remission came back and this time he had to have surgery to remove it. We were told it would be a long surgery and recovery would take time. Needless to say I was nervous for my dad and our family began to pray. The day of the surgery came; it took 10 hours for the doctor to complete the surgery. The surgeon was ready to speak with mom, he stated the surgery went well and that he had removed the cancer that was awesome news. We waited to see my dad with anxious hearts it would take some time to get him in a room. Finally he was ready and settled in a room, when I walked in I put on a bold face but my heart sunk in my stomach. My big strong daddy, the one I always counted on, the one that in my eyes was stronger than life was hooked to machines, with a trach in his throat, he couldn’t talk. I wanted to cry. I wanted to run away because I did not want to see my dad like that but this is when he needed me the most. My dad needed me to be strong so I walked outside the room to get myself together. My cousin let me cry for a moment but only a moment because at the time I had to make a decision was I going to wallow in self-pity or trust God to heal my daddy. I chose the latter.

You see life can be difficult but you have to make the choice to overcome and walk in victory. When hard times come I have to remember that God has been my constant guide. His truth has led me through life challenges. You see there will always be challenges; we just have to know whom to turn to during the trial. The mistake that people make is turning away from God instead of turning to him. He is the one who keeps us during the hard times and the good times. I had to learn that when I am overwhelmed by life I turn to the rock that is higher than me. I hide in the safety of his presence, because in His presence I find strength, direction, peace and answers for my situation.

My friends when life happens stay close to God. Allow the truth of God to guide your heart and lead you in what to do. Remember God will never leave you nor forsake you but He will hold you close in His arms and work everything out for your good. God has a good plan for your life. Beloved life happens to the best of us, how will you handle it? I pray you handle it with grace and the assurance that God loves you and live through it.


Always Love


p.s. My dad is doing very well. He has some rough days but all in all God has given him the grace to make it.

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