Monthly Archives: April 2017

Grace to start new


On this episode of Grace moments I interviewed my very good friend Rashanda Carmichael. I have know Rashanda for over 10 years. We met at work, she was the youngest in the office but also very mature for her age.  Through the years we have a developed a sisterhood a bond that I would not change.  Recently she started a new venture she started a youtube channel called Yana Mae’s Kitchen and also a cupcake line called Yana Mae’s Sweet.  In this episode we talk about Yana Mae’s, her work at the church and how she fell in love with cooking. We laugh a lot in this episode and talk about our faith in God.  I recorded this episode at our neighborhood Starbucks so there is some noise in the background {note to myself never record a podcast outside of a Starbucks}.  I hope you enjoy my talk with Rashanda. You can follow her on Facebook, subscribe to her youtube channel Yana Mae’s Kitchen.