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Beautifully Flawed

beautifully-flawedRecently an old insecurity showed it’s ugly head. I deal with this insecurity from time to time for the most part I handle it well but then there are those times when I fall prey and for a slight second or so it overtakes me. I have this insecurity of being rejected. Most people have this flaw because if we are honest no one likes being rejected. I experienced some things early in life that contributed to this insecurity. Those events caused me to build walls of protection, so that no one could get close to me. I did not allow people to become apart of my life in an intimate way because in my mind they would eventually reject me and leave. So I built these walls of defense around my heart. Slowly over the years God began to show me what I was doing and what I was dealing with. Soon I began to ask God to remove these barriers. I was flawed when it came to relationships and to a certain degree I still am.  I am flawed in so many other ways but I have come to realize that even in my flaws God still loves me. He still wants to use me. God has a plan for my life flaws and all.

Many people deal with things but it does not negate God’s love for you. There is a scripture in Psalms that helps us to understand God’s love, it states. “Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it. You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion, as I was woven together in the dark of the womb” (Psalms 139:14-15). God understands the very essence of who we are because He made us. Every intricate detail God hand woven together while we were in the womb. He knows the very hair on our heads every detail that makes us who we are God knows about it. We are a complex people, we are not the same but we are unique and beautiful in our own way.    once-youve-accepted-your-flaws-no-one-can-unknown

We are flawed people because of sin but that does not mean God cannot take what is flawed and use it for His glory. Every part of you is to be used for God’s glory. I know that society paints this picture of perfection but that is not realistic. We are not perfect people but we do serve a perfect God who is pleased with His creation. You are beautifully flawed and fit for the masters’ use. Remember you do not have to be anyone but you. You are good enough, you are more than enough and you are worth it all. Everyday we need God’s grace for our flaws, our imperfections and the great thing about God is that everyday He is waiting to give us the grace that we need to do what is needed in our lives. I want to encourage you to not focus on your flaws but focus on your potential. Concentrate on your strengths not your weakness God will take care of those. Remember when your weak God is strong.

Beautifully flawed!!


In Awe of God


Have you ever wondered why things happen the way they do? Circumstances that should be one way but the results are such that you just cannot explain how it happened, whether good or bad. Have you ever had a Joseph experience where the enemy meant one thing but God turned it around for your good? Or when you look back over your life and you wonder God after all the things that I have done how can it be that you did not allow my past to overtake my future? Despite my mistakes God continues to bless me. The cultures standards say that because of my background I am not suppose to be in the place that I am today. When I reflect upon my past I am in awe of how God continues to amaze me.

We all have felt the weight of sin, the guilt and shame has made us feel that we are not worthy to lift our hands to the one who is Holy. Many people feel unworthy to serve God. I know I have felt this way, where the burden of not being perfect made me feel inadequate to serve God in the capacity in which He has called me to serve. My life story has not been perfect I have done some things that I am not proud of . Shame caused me not to own my past.

But here is some encouragement. God loves us unconditionally. He does not hold our past sin against us. When we come to Christ He forgives our sins to never remember them again. The great news about amazing grace is that you do not have to bear the weight of sin. God has taken the weight for us, while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. He took our sin to the Cross and now we are free from sin. Jesus pleaded our case, he righted our wrongs, and he broke the chains so that we could be free.

Why would he do that? Why would he give His life for ours? Love is the answer. God so loved us that He gave His Son for us. I want to encourage you today that you do not have to carry the burden of your past, when I look back at my life I have had to ask this questions many times and I sit in awe of my life now.   Certain things that have happen in my life according to the world’s standards I am suppose to be a high school drop out, living in poverty but that is not my story. In recent years have gotten to a place where I own my past but understand that yes I was not perfect and I made some mistakes but my past does not negate who I am now. My past experiences have helped shape who I am today. Jesus justified me and made me righteous GRACE IS ALL HE SEES now.

awe 2

Grace is your answer Jesus does not see your sin anymore, but He sees the Grace that He has poured over you. Do not be broken by the weight of your past let it go. Accept the free gift of GRACE. My prayer for you today is that you always stay in awe of God’s mercy never forget what He has done for you but don’t let your past guilt you out of what God wants to do for you now. “You are highly favored and blessed of God.”

Always Love,



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What is Your Expectation?


So yesterday I went to my home church for the “Glory Encounter” it was a wonderful service. I always love going back home and worshipping with my family and friends at Mt Moriah. This Sunday a special guest minister was there to give the morning message, while he was preparing to begin his message he said something that sparked my attention it wasn’t the main point of the message but what I call a side bar (a little extra nugget not the main nugget but yet still important). Anyway he said “every morning that I get up I place my feet on Better Boulevard”. Oh my goodness yes that simple statement made me smile and think.


This statement made me think about how I approach my day. Do I get up expecting a great day? Do I expect a day better than the day before? I will be honest with you sometimes I don’t. Some days I take it for granted and not really think about my day I just get up, have my devotion time and get ready for work and go about my day as usual.   That is not a good way to live life but sometimes we get so caught up in the monotony of life and we do not expect anything but the usual.   This is not how Jesus would have us to live. You see Jesus came that we may have life and life more abundantly. This abundant life that Jesus died for should be a one of expectation. A life believing that every day you get up you place your feet on better boulevard and that no matter what you are going through it will get better. We should live a life always expecting God to meet our needs and to show up in our day.


Every day you get up is a chance to have a better life. Let’s look at Jeremiah’s statement in Lamentations 3:22-23“because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness”.    You see because of the great love that God has for us we can expect better. Every day he is faithful to love us and extends His compassion and mercy toward His people. So tomorrow when you wake have an expectation that today is better than yesterday. Today is full of new mercy, new opportunities and new grace for a better day. If you find yourself falling back to the norm shake yourself and remember your feet are place on better boulevard.


Expecting BETTER